• Marion Choufa

Horror game In Sound Mind postponed to September 2021.

Initially planned for August 3rd, the psychological horror title In Sound Mind has just been postponed to September 28th 2021. The reason behind it is that We Create Stuff, the developers behind the game, needed more time to offer to the players the best experience possible.

In the meantime, editor Modus Games published an animated music video. The animation has been made by Mashed and the music by The Living Tombstone, which previously worked on the Five Nights at Freddy's soundtrack.

About the game, In Sound Mind is a first-person horror experience which pits players against the unpredictable dangers stirring within deep memories. You incarnate psychiatrist Desmond Wales who, accompanied by a mysterious cat, will have to explore his past and fight memories turned into chilling nightmares.

In Sound Mind will launch on September 28th on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The Switch version has been confirmed but the launch date hasn't been announced yet. You can already play the demo through Steam.