• Ben Thompson

Hot Wheels Unleashed shows off gameplay in latest trailer

Developer Milestone has dropped a brand new gameplay trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed, showcasing the first franticly fast gameplay for the upcoming racer.

Hot Wheels Unleashed which is based on the Mattel toy brand of the same name will see players boosting, drifting and jumping round the crazy and distinctive orange tracks through everyday locations. One location being the mechanics garage, a track shown in the trailer where the mini racers are shown driving through shelving units, vents and over work benches at blistering speed.

The game will include over sixty vehicles on day one and the first six that have been revealed are Dragon Blaster, Rodger Dodger, Rip Rod, Night Shifter, Twin Mill and Sharkruiser. The game will also include a revolutionary track editor which will enable anyone to pick an environment, customise the tracks to their hearts content and then upload them for the community to enjoy.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will launching on September 30th 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and on PC via Epic Game Store and Steam. You can view the new gameplay trailer below.