• Lewis Gillingwater

House of the Dead: Remake comes to Switch later this year

As part of the April 14th Nintendo Indie World presentation, developer MegaPixel Studio, who previously also remade Panzer Dragoon for Sega, showed off a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming remake of arcade light-gun game House of the Dead.

The trailer showed off a much-improved visual improvement of the 1996 horror shooter which sees players racking up points as they fight through hordes of the undead in true arcade style. MegaPixel Studio promises the game will remain true to the original point and shoot co-op gameplay, but feature updated modern controls, presumably to compensate for the lack of a big plastic gun to point at the Switch’s screen.

The game looks set to launch on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021, with no other platforms announced at this time. It also seems like a remake of the second game is also planned for some time in the future, but details on this are scarce. Let’s hope the “classic” voice acting is untouched when it releases.