• Marion Choufa

‘If you don’t buy a game full price, don’t complain if there is no sequel’, says Days Gone Lead

Despite an uptick in engagement for Days Gone, since the game was added on Playstation Plus, rumors have been circulating and players need to face reality: Days Gone will probably never have a sequel (at least that’s what Bloomberg suggests). And John Garvin, Days Gone Creative Director who left Bend Studio in 2019 has an opinion about it.

During an interview on David Jaffe’s youtube channel, John Garvin shared his thoughts on how gamers should support developers.

“I do have an opinion on something that your audience may find of interest, and it might piss some of them off. If you love a game, buy it at fucking full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gamers say ‘yeah, I got that on sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever”.

“But how do you know you love a game until you’ve played it?”, Jaffe asked.

To which Garvin replied, “I’m just saying, you don’t, but don’t complain if a game doesn’t get a sequel if it wasn’t supported at launch.”.

Garvin also added later on, “So I think the uptick in engagement with the game is not as important as, did you buy the game at full price? Because if you did, then that’s supporting the developers directly.”.

During the interview, Garvin also talked about his experience at Bend Studio and the fact that his departure in 2019 was due to personality (and not a lack of performance).

We highly recommend you to watch Jaffe’s video if you want to know more about Days Gone development.

Do you agree with Garvin’s opinion? Do you think players should be more coherent and buy a game full price if they want to see it thrive? Let us know in the comments!