• Lewis Gillingwater

Injustice 2 Mobile apologises for poor taste pride event

Celebrating pride month is easy mode for corporate social media accounts. It shouldn't be, but usually slapping a rainbow filter on your logo and throwing #Pride on the end of your tweet is considered enough. Sometimes though, companies like to go the extra mile. And sometimes that backfires.

Yesterday, Injustice 2 mobile, the still popular Android and iOS port of the DC fighting game from Netherrealm made its attempt at a pride tweet, now deleted, which encouraged players to take part in a community event. Great! Except this event encouraged players to earn points by repeatedly taking down (read: ruthlessly attacking) Poison Ivy, one of DC's most prominent queer characters. Less great!

This really shouldn't have been hard. If you want to reference Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn's long-standing on-again-off-again relationship in your comics game, why not just have bonuses for playing as them? Even a rainbow-themed cosmetic would be a better option than what they went with.

Clearly, this was unintentional, and the response to the initial tweet was more confused at how this got approved than offence at its content, but the game's Twitter has now apologised for the event and taken it down. Hopefully, someone on Injustice 2 Mobile's social media team can put out a more appropriate pride tweet next time, and maybe this time they can ask literally anyone to look for any glaringly obvious flaws.