• Ben Thompson

Insider points to Battlefield 6 featuring near future setting, co-op campaign and Battle Royale

A leak coming from Battlefield insider Tom Henderson's weekly newsletter who is a known reliable source for Battlefield leaks. He states that the next Battlefield game will be known as just Battlefield. It will possibly be taking place 10 years from now in the future putting it set in 2031 and feature weapons and equipment currently in development now, so think drones, robots and vehicles.

The campaign which appears to be co-op focused will have you part of a specialist unit and will give you the choice of which super power you wish to fight for, be that the USA or Russia. It won't however be an Axis v Allies situation though as you will be able to choose your own path and the aforementioned nations will offer to recruit your specialist team and their skills throughout the campaign.

Multiplayer is set to be bigger and better than ever and described as ''Battlefield 3/4 on steroids'' which is a bold statement to live up to. Battle Royale is also making it's way back into Battlefield but wont have be associated with the Firestorm name and be completely renamed. It'll feature up to 4 player squads again but instead of unique gadgets you will have different abilities on your class, similar to Call Of Dutys perk system.

It's mentioned that the reveal trailer which could be coming in may unfortunately wont be showcasing any gameplay or multiplayer and will just purely be a teaser announcing the game. So hopefully little snippets but doubtful.

So I guess it's just a waiting game to see if a teaser drops in May, which isn't that far off now. In the meantime we'll keep you up to date with the latest on Battlefield 6.