• Marion Choufa

King of Seas demo and pre-order are already available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

3D Clouds Gaming and Team17 are happy to announce that a demo of their upcoming ARPG King of Seas is already available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Pre-order is also available on the same platforms (with 20% off on Steam until the official launch).

King of Seas, that will be available on May 25th, is an action role-playing game set in a pirate world. You embark on an epic adventure filled with battles, lost islands and treasures with the goal to become the king of pirates!

"Cannon shots echo on the seven seas as on the horizon the sun rises on a new dawn of pirates. Drop your moorings, unfold the sails and launch yourself into the heart of the storm shaping your empire. The murder of your father will not be forgiven."

In this dynamic world that reacts to your every action, sails through the sea and complete the diverse quests that will guide your journey. Five types of customizable ships are available and can be improved through an equipment and skill system. You’ll also have to learn how to master the weather since it will have a significant impact on the navigation.