• Ben Thompson

Knight Squad 2 launches onto PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox systems on April 14

Chainsawesome Games has announced today that Knight Squad 2, the follow up to Knight Squad, the chaotic arcade party game enjoyed by more than 1.8 million players will be releasing on 14th April for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam for PC. A free-to-play preview, Knight Squad 2 Trials, also launches today on Steam.

Knight Squad 2 Trials provides a training ground to prepare for the full release. It allows players to test their skills in a Battle Royale mode with a whole array of weapons including ray guns, magic spells and medieval weaponry to be the last Knight standing.

The full Knight Squad 2 experience features more than 13 competitive multiplayer modes for up to eight players to cause chaos in. Fight in a free-for-all to gain control of a giant weapon and unleash its incredible power in Juggernaut mode. Team up in Soul Hunter or go it alone as a solo cavalier and harvest enemy souls before delivering them back to home base for points. Then if you it takes your fancy, jump into a game of football whilst dodging projectiles or whatever the other team can conjure while going after the ball.

“Today is a huge day for us! Not only are we announcing the game for Nintendo Switch and revealing our release date of April 14, but we’re launching our free preview version, Knight Squad 2 Trials, on Steam. So join us for some Battle Royale action today while we gear up for next month!” said Laurent Mercure, Communications Officer, Chainsawesome Games.

Knight Squad 2 features local and online cross play multiplayer across it's platforms and is released April 14th 2021.