• Ben Thompson

Layers Of Fear bringing the horror to PSVR this month.

Everyone should know by now that virtual reality and horror are a match made in heaven (or hell, take your pick) as that extra dimension just adds so much more immersion to the experience. It's no surprise that there are an abundance of them on VR store places and quite modicum amount available for PSVR.

It makes total sense that Bloober Team port over Layers Of Fear for the PSVR having been made previously for PC VR systems not too long ago. The game is about an artist who is losing his mind whilst in the process of creating his masterpiece in which you're lead through a creepy mansion while simultaneously struggling with his aforementioned demons. Players will explore this spine chilling and distinctive creepy house as if it was like they were really there. Sounds great for those who like to scare themselves silly, right?

Layers Of Fear is not too far away now. It releases for PSVR on April 29th 2021.