• Marion Choufa

Mario Golf: Super Rush gets an exciting gameplay trailer

After an announcement trailer released 3 months ago, Nintendo is treating us with a brand new 5 minutes trailer presenting Mario Golf: Super Rush’s gameplay.

The trailer starts by presenting us some techniques such as curve shots or spin shots that will make you feel like a pro-golfer. It also introduces the optional motions controls as well as the 16 playable characters. Each one of course will have its own unique abilities.

What got us really excited was the presentation of the various courses. Apart from standard golf, you’ll also be able to challenge you opponents through Speed Golf. Here it’s all about being the fastest. Players tee-off at the same time and rush towards their ball in order to sink it as quick as possible. Of course, you will be able to use items as well as your characters powers in order to win the race.

Battle Golf will also be introduced in this title. Even though the rules are quite similar to Speed Golf, it is more strategic. Here, nine holes are in play and players will have to secure three holes in order to win.

Finally, Golf Adventure will let you explore the Mushroom Kingdom through you Mii. By taking on various challenges and discussion with Mushroom Kingdom characters, you will be able to learn how to play and gain experience. This experience will allow you to level up your Mii and play with it on versus play.

Are you excited? Mario Golf: Super Rush will be out on June 25th on Nintendo Switch.