• Lewis Gillingwater

Mechwarrior 5 launches with an action-packed trailer

Mechwarrior 5 is available now on console, and developer Piranha Games wants you to know it. In an action-packed trailer featuring big robots stomping around and fighting other big robots in classic Mechwarrior fashion, Mechwarrior 5 shows off its cockpit and external options for piloting its hulking metal behemoths. Originally released back in 2019 on PC as an Epic Store exclusive, MechWarrior 5 is now coming to Xbox on PC and Console as part of Microsoft's May GamePass offering, as well as Steam and GOG storefronts.

The game's re-release comes alongside its first DLC pack, Heroes of the Inner Sphere, which provides additional single-player content for those who have already exhausted MechWarrior's robot-fighting campaign and need an excuse to come back for more.

MechWarrior 5 launches May 27th, that's today, on Gamepass, Steam and GOG.