• Lewis Gillingwater

Microsoft's update to its storefront limits revenue shares for game developers

Windows 11 is on its way. The latest incremental update we'll all resist and eventually accept brings many changes including a revamped Microsoft Store which will run Android apps natively and, hopefully, actually work properly.

Microsoft has confirmed that from July 28, app developers can keep 100% of their revenue and not have to pay a fee to host their own commerce platforms. Crucially, however, the post did not mention games and Microsoft later confirmed that the existing 12% revenue Microsoft claims will remain for games.

No doubt this will irritate many, but it's likely the latest salvo in the ongoing battle platforms have to establish how to deal with storefronts in apps. With the Epic V. Apple trial still not fully resolved and apps redefining as 'experiences' to avoid being considered games, it's likely Microsoft just wants to get ahead of the crowd.