• Ben Thompson

Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition has returned to the Xbox store

Having been absent from the marketplace after it's removal a long while ago, Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition has suddenly re-appeared out of nowhere on the Xbox store. This comes with absolutely no recognition as to why it has from Rockstar or any one else.

The Complete Editions re-emergence which was released back in 2009 was noticed by the guys over at Resetera. The game which includes all the DLC vehicles released with it was originally removed from digital storefronts due to music licenses expiring is as of checking indeed available for sale and playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox One/Series X|S via backwards compatibility.

Why this re-appearance from the game has occurred, we don't know. Rockstar may have renewed the music license rights, but why? Could this be to a tease to build interest in an upcoming announcement in the Midnight Club franchise? It has been quite on the new game announcements from Rockstar for a long time now so it's not out of the realm of possibility.