• James Kinch

Mod.io reaches 100 million mod downloads on consoles

Mod.io, the cross-platform mod support service developed by the team behind the ModDB website, has passed 100 million mod downloads on consoles since it was launched for home consoles.

It caters to games such as Easy Day Studio’s Skater XL and Saber Interactive’s SnowRunner on Xbox and Playstation. On launch day, 300,000 users used the service to download modifications to their games.

Representatives from the businesses have praised the service with Dain Hedgpeth, CEO of Easy Day Studios saying that:

“If studios aren’t thinking of games as a place for players to hang out, create and express themselves they’re missing the direction the whole industry is moving in. Since launching our mod.io integration in one month, we’ve had 6.5 million mod downloads, this is a huge part of what drives the life and vibrancy of the Skater XL world.”

Tim Willits, Chief Creative Officer of Saber Interactive said that:

“SnowRunner’s modding community has greatly expanded the game’s experience for dedicated players. The constant influx of fresh content is certainly a key driver of the title’s long-term success”

The platform has now expanded to 55 games including Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic (published by Coffee Stain Publishing) even though the service is still in it’s infancy.