• Ben Thompson

Movie studio management sim Moviehouse is coming this summer

Indie developer Odyssey Studios has announced Moviehouse, coming this summer for PC. Moviehouse aims to scratch that movie management itch bringing an experience in the vein of games before it such as Greenheart Games ''Game Dev Tycoon'' and Lionheads ''The Movies'' being an inspiration.

You'll start off small in the 80's with a low budget making your first short film and from there you'll enter film festivals, make a name for yourself through the decades eventually becoming a powerhouse of film making aiming to appease viewers and critics alike.

Moviehouse will allow you to live out the movie makers dream of making the perfect movie from picking the genre and storyline to make it a huge success or maybe even form your own blockbuster cinematic universe, it's all possible in Moviehouse.

Odyssey Studios have also released a companion app in which gives a sneak peek into the features of Moviehouse and it also procedurally generates movie posters in which people can vote on. The posters with the highest votes will be placed into the game. You can visit the app via this link.

Moviehouse is scheduled for release this summer on PC. You can view the announcement trailer below.