• Lewis Gillingwater

Music publishers file $200 million lawsuit against Roblox

Roblox, the definitely not a game 'experienced' by upwards of half of all US teenagers, is being sued for illegally using copyrighted music.

As reported by Variety, the National Music Publishers' Association in the US has sued Roblox for allowing users to upload music directly onto the Roblox platform and "taking advantage of young people's lack of understanding about copyright" in order to make money off of artists including Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and the Rolling Stones.

The NMPA is demanding $200 million in damages, representing a wide range of individual publishers and individuals, for "unabashed exploitation of music without proper licenses". This one part of the music industry's ongoing war with copyright infringement in online spaces including its continued wrangling with youtube's automated ContentID system, and multiple complaints against Twitch for streaming licensed music.

Roblox declined to comment on Variety's piece or the lawsuit, but given that their operating revenue for April 2021 alone was $145 million, it wouldn't be too shocking if this ended in an out of court settlement for an eye-watering amount of money. That is unless Roblox wants an Apple V. Epic level legal battle on its hands.