• Joe Allen

New Dying Light 2 Livestream

Heads up zombie fans – Dying Light 2 developers Techland will be hosting a second live stream event this Thursday, 1st July at 8pm BST.

After having gone through development hell over the past few years, Dying Light 2 was announced to be launching on 7th December 2021 for both last and next-gen consoles and PC. In the first livestream on May 27th, we were treated to a new gameplay trailer, revealing interesting tidbits about the setting and story, as well as glimpses of the new and improved parkour and combat mechanics.

Techland haven't revealed much of what they intend explore in this second livestream. Hopefully we will get more information on the factions around the city, as well as details about crafting and new mutations!

Tune in on July 1st, 8pm BST to find out more or check back on FYVGaming where we’ll do a roundup of what we’ve learnt.