• Lewis Gillingwater

New Konami trademarks spotted for Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania

Konami seems to have recently made trademark applications for both Castlevania and, oddly, Metal Gear Rising. This seems like a strange combination of trademarks for both a classic series with many entries and ... Metal Gear Rising, a spin-off Konami hasn't acknowledged since its release.

Most likely this is just a legal team quietly renewing its trademarks so they don't fall out of use, but who knows. With Konami's history of repurposing its properties for other purposes (looking at you Silent Hill Pachinko) maybe we'll see these well-loved brands show up in a new form.

Is it too much to ask for a remaster of Metal Gear Rising? Or a new Castlevania game? With Konami's track record, likely yes. But that won't stop us from hoping.