• Joe Allen

Nintendo Switch Announcement

Rumours have abounded for weeks about the Switch Pro, and Nintendo have been keen to play down the hype. They broke their silence yesterday with the announcement of the OLED model.

So, what does the new model offer? Well, as the title suggests, the new model will have an OLED screen, rather than the previously used LCD screen. The benefits this offers are crisper blacks and more vibrant colours. Not only is the screen getting an upgrade, it will also be marginally larger, up from 6.2 inches to 7 inches.

Despite the increase in screen size, Nintendo claim that the battery will not diminish in any way. Though equally, it hasn’t been improved either. The new model weighs slightly more, but will be largely unnoticeable to most. It now has more rigid stands on the back of the portable device - a common complaint amongst users of the original Switch.

In addition to the screen improvements, Nintendo say that the speakers on the portable device will be better, and the internal storage of the device will increase from the standard 32GB to 64GB. While definitely an improvement, and SD card will probably still be necessary for most users, should they wish to have more than a handful of games installed at a time.

The dock has also been given an upgrade. There is also now a LAN port on the dock, allowing you to directly connect to your internet rather than being reliant on WIFI.

While this is certainly good news for Switch players, it is a far cry from people’s expectations. The hype train truly left the station, with claims that the new model might offer superior processing power that would offer enhanced graphics capabilities. For those with high expectations, this announcement has surely left a bitter taste in their mouths.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model releases on October 8th and will be £50/$50 more expensive than the original model.