• James Kinch

Open your wallets, it's time for the summer sales

As summer arrives once more, the sun gleams down onto the games industry and awakens publishers and online stores' metaphorical eyes to the sudden rush of players asking - "When is the summer sale going to start?"

Here is a small list of large events that are either happening or will be happening.

Steam Summer Sale

Running to July 8th

Current showcase titles include:

Battlefield V Definitive Edition - £13.74 (75% Off)

Elder Scrolls Online - £5.99 (60% Off)

Valheim - £13.94 (10% Off)

GOG Summer Sale

Running to June 28th

Current showcase titles include:

Cyberpunk 2077 - £33.29 (33% Off)

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - £23.99 (40% Off)

Trials of Fire - £12.49 (19% Off)

Origin Summer Sale

Running from June 29th to July 7th.

Showcase titles include:

Sims 4 Digital Deluxe - £5.62

Knockout City - £13.49

Alwa's Awakening - £2.79 (60% Off)

Epic Games Summer Sale

Running from July 23rd to August 6th.

Showcase titles include:

Maneater (Price TBA)

Saints Row the Third Remastered (Price TBA)

Before we Leave (Price TBA)