• Marion Choufa

Overwatch 2: new gameplay trailer, 5 vs 5 multiplayer and three new maps

It is during a two hours livestream that Blizzard revealed the gameplay of the awaited Overwatch 2. Even though no release date has been announced yet, we still got interesting information, especially regarding PvP.

Indeed, when Overwatch initially came out, players were free to pick which character they wanted to send into the battlefield. As time went by, more rules came into place and we saw the arrival of the 2-2-2 format: two DPS, two Support and two Tanks.

However, this rule is gonna change in the new Overwatch 2. Indeed, it has been revealed in the last livestream that teams are going to move from 6 vs 6 to 5 vs 5, by removing one tank.

The reason behind this change is to both simplify and shake-up Overwatch's gameplay. Developers noticed that matches tend to lean towards tank-centric plays. By removing one tank and buffing tank characters they hope that the rest of the team will reduce gravitating around the tank and start spreading out. They also hope that this change will force players to become more creative when it comes to using their environment to their advantage.

Apart from this major change, three new maps have been introduced (in addition to the Toronto map, announced in 2019). Players will be able to fight in New York, Rio and Monte Carlo.

No release date has been confirmed for Overwatch 2 but we know for sure that the game won't be coming before 2022.