• Ben Thompson

Pacman 99 is out and it's exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online

Bandai Namco has announced it's new battle royale experience and it's only starring everyone's favourite hungry yellow pellet devourer, Pac-Man.

Scratching that itch left behind by the removal of Super Mario Bros 35 last week, PAC-MAN 99 will be taking it's place. It runs on the same engine as Super Mario Bros 35 and Tetris 99 so shouldn't be much of a change in the formula. You'll take on 99 other players to become the number one Pac player.

This game is another of the special offers for Nintendo Switch Online members and it'll feature additional paid content including themes and modes and will also have a deluxe version of the game available for purchase which will include everything.

PAC-MAN 99 is available now in North America with the rest of the world to follow on the 8th of April. You can watch the announcement trailer below.