• Kirsten Howarth

Phasmophobia Celebrates Its 1st Birthday!

Updated: Sep 18

Time flies when you’re finding ghosts, and the day has come around to celebrate Phasmophobia’s 1st anniversary since its launch to Early Access in September 2020.

The iconic game is rumoured to have over 3 million unique downloads since it went live on the Steam Store 12 months ago, taking the world by storm over lockdown, and Twitch streamers and content creators alike falling hook, line, and sinker for the horror survival puzzle game.

With the latest Exposition update adding a new horror element to the game, as well as two new ghost types and several evidence type updates (including the brand new DOTS Projector), the game has seen a surge of both newcomers and returning players to the game.

What can we expect to see?

To celebrate one year of Phasmophobia, the development team are launching a few new features for the big day on Saturday 18th September:

  • Brand new Journal updates

  • Party in the menu garage

  • New single-player mode

  • The devs’ favourite: bug fixes!

Journal Updates

We can almost hear the thousands of avid Phasmophobia fans crying with joy at this new announcement!

The long-awaited update to the Journal removes many of the clunky elements of the old Journal, and replaces it with:

  • Tabs for easier navigation

  • Easier evidence selection with tick boxes and strikethroughs

  • An overview of the ghost info and extra optional objectives

This comes as great news for people who hate trekking back and forth between the van and the ghost-hunting map. It’s not great news for people who like hiding in the van for the entire game ‘looking for ghost orbs’...!

Party In The Menu Garage

For the first time since Halloween 2020, we’re seeing more updates to the garage lobby. This time, we’re promised music to boogie on down to, as well as balloons and glowsticks to celebrate the big occasion.

Updating in time for the big day on Saturday 18th September, there’ll be plenty of celebrations to look forward to at Phasmophobia’s first birthday bash!

New Single-Player Mode

The less paranormal palaver, the better!

At long last, solo players will finally have a way of braving Phasmophobia’s ghost hunts alone without needlessly setting up separate multiplayer lobbies each time they want to play.

With this quick and easy option to click one button to set up your own single-player game, it will take even less time to dive into your ghost-hunting experiences with less faff.

Potential Bug Fixes

The Phasmophobia team has always been famously transparent with what bugs are present in their Early Access game, and which fixes they’re working on or adding to their work-list for any particular sprint.

While it’s not been confirmed by Phasmophobia’s development team what exactly these bug fixes will be, their Asana board suggests that this could be a variety of options, including:

  • Essential fixes to US servers (which currently block anyone using a US University IP)

  • Audio fixes such as microphone audio (where input volume is forced to 100%)

  • Voice recognition issue fixes (tabbing out of the game currently stops voice recognition from working in-game)

There could be some other lesser known bug fixes in the works, though these may be more minor solutions beavering away in the background.

Phasmophobia is available for Early Access download in the Steam Store.