• James Kinch

Piko Interactive, seller of new retro games, expands collection further

Piko Interactive, a company that focuses on reselling old titles and giving them new life as reimagined titles on other systems and consoles, have added a mini assortment of Retro Sega Mega Drive/Genesis cartridges for pre-order; featuring 4 Asian themed titles via Funstock.

All titles come with a purpose design game box, cartridge and manual.

The titles include:

Brave Battle Saga - The Legend of the Magic Warrior

Traditional Japanese-style turn-based RPG developed by the Taiwanese company Chuanpu in 1996. It features an ATB turn-based battle system. The game has been fully translated to English.

Canon: Legends of the New Gods

This is a strategy RPG based on a famous legend from the time of Shang Dynasty which consists of battles and cutscenes to advance the story. Made compatible with most consoles that run Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games.

Generals of the Yang Family The game has been completely re-hauled, fixing many of the original bugs and play ability problems. A significant amount of polishing has been done to the fighting and collision engine. There has been a substantial amount of work done to the game to enhance user gameplay and improve user experience.

Water Margin - A Tale of Clouds & Winds This is a beat 'em up action game, with three playable characters, magic of various levels of power, and different endings depending on the level of difficulty. Play as one of the three heroes with specific moves and features, and face formidable warriors who will show no mercy! Compatible with both original and most clone consoles.

The titles are due to be released in October, this year.

If you're interesting in pre-ordering the titles, click here.