• Lewis Gillingwater

Play Satan's interior designer in Hell Architect

Woodland Games today announced their upcoming survival-sim Hell Architect, coming to Steam this Summer, where players take on the role of Hell's new designer, crafting prisons and punishments for the damned.

Even Hell seemingly has budgets, however. You can't just throw out 30 iron maidens and call it whatever passes for a day down there. Hell's new architect will have to balance creative new means of extracting suffering from sinners with appeasing the Devil's HR department and navigating the needs of the upper (lower?) echelons of the chthonic corporate hierarchy.

Woodland games promise 9 levels of hell to play with, legendary sinners to control and punish and a 2D art style that should keep the gory punishments on the right side of disturbing. We look forward to crafting Hell's finest tortures when Hell Architect launches this Summer on Steam.