• James Kinch

Pokemon UNITE developers open new US office

"TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games and global video game development and operations team behind major titles like Call of Duty: Mobile, Honor of Kings, the upcoming Pokémon UNITE, and many others, announced today the official opening of TiMi Seattle, a North American office located in one of the world’s premier creative hubs.

The team is being led by industry veterans Scott Warner and Rosi Zagorcheva and is tasked with creating an original, AAA, service-driven shooting game for multiple platforms. The team has made considerable progress and is actively adding to its team of 25 and interested candidates can learn more here. The office, scheduled to open later in 2021, is located in Bellevue, Wash., a major technology hub for the Pacific Northwest. The location will feature a state-of-the-art playtest lab to assure the team can consistently leverage player feedback to improve their services."

“We want to exceed the AAA expectations of players today and this team will have the resources and talent to make it happen,” TiMi international director Vincent Gao said. “Through collaboration and access to TiMi’s global resources, this team in Seattle can make AAA console games ready for global audiences on multiple platforms.”

Since joining TiMi as a creative and studio director in May of 2020, Warner has been actively recruiting and the existing team has been working remotely. Warner is a world-renowned game designer who will lead the Seattle team. His prior work in successful franchises, including Battlefield and Halo, helped create several fan favourite titles.

“Opportunities to have the creative freedom to make new games with the support of a leading development studio like TiMi just is not the norm,” Warner said. “Usually, the best talent is offered a choice between making another sequel or taking a personal risk to make a smaller-scale game.”

Zagorcheva joins TiMi following a decorated career at EA, where she most recently served as the head of development and operations for DICE LA studio. Her initial work will be to enable the team to capitalize on the creative freedom the team has to make new experiences for players around the world.

“Players deserve new and exciting experiences and those come from the best teams,” Zagorcheva said. “Our opportunity at TiMi gives us the conditions to be an innovative, ambitious and creative team capable of making new and exciting games.”

"As the team grows, Zagorcheva said it will maintain the hybrid, distributed model after the office opens later this year. TiMi Seattle is hiring for a variety of positions including art, design, engineering and production. The new TiMi Los Angeles office will also house some team members who work with the Seattle team."