• Joe Allen

Pokemon Unite releases

The latest Pokemon game, Pokemon Unite, is available now on Nintendo Switch.

This free-to-play MOBA game pits you and four friends in 5v5 battles to score points by defeating NPC mobs and enemy players, collecting their energy and ‘scoring’. Thos eof you familiar with big titles like DOTA 2 and LoL will be familiar with the formula.

Upon release, there is a rather restrictive number of Pokemon you can collect, though as the Pokemon Company have shown with Go, it’s highly likely there will be updates and expanded rosters down the line. Evolution is a thing in the game too, though it isn’t a permanent upgrade. You start with the basic evolution and evolve through progress during a match, meaning you can start with Charmander and finish as Charizard.

Purchasing new Pokemon in game can be done completely free, though it does seem that of the time of writing, there is a huge progression wall if you intend to play completely free. And that sadly does mean, pay-to-play microtransactions are a thing.

Jump into Pokemon Unite now on Nintendo Switch, or join up with a team in September when Unite is available on Android and iOS.