• Alberto Mezzalira

PS Vita's Messages App has officially shut down today

Today is a sad day for all PS Vita owners since PS Vita’s Messages app has officially shut down, as it was announced in March.

But what does it mean? You can no longer communicate with your friends or even invite them to online games on your PS Vita. Moreover, historic messages that have been saved on the system will be wiped from the format itself; you’ll still be able to access them, anyway, through a PS5, PS4, or smartphone.

This service shut down is part of a wider plan from PlayStation to effectively phase out the legacy device.

The company will stop accepting submissions from developers soon, so the last batch of new games are due within the next month. Fortunately, Sony reversed the plan to close the PS Store on the platform, so it will still be possible to purchase and download digital games for the foreseeable future.

Do you think this is a good decision? We’re you a user of this messaging service? We’d like to hear from you!