• Alberto Mezzalira

Ps3 received a new software update!

An unexpected news came out today from Sony and it will make all Playstation 3 owners happy.

Just one month before the original closing date of the PS Store on PS3, the console has received the new system update 4.88; this is a clear sign that Sony isn’t done supporting the console.

According to the official patch notes, the update “improves system performances”.

If all had gone according to the original Sony’s plan, the PS Store on PS3 would have been closed next month on July 2th. However, this decision was changed after seeing the comments of many PS3 owners who still wanted to purchase PS3 games directly on their consoles.

The PlayStation 3 was originally released in 2006 and it was the first Sony’s console with significant online functionality. The console has received a couple of patches per year since its release.

Will you start playing on your PS3 again now that its 15th birthday is approaching and the company decided to release a new update? Let us know!