• Marion Choufa

Quantum Replica is out on PC and consoles

Quantum Replica, the top-down, fast-paced action stealth game, developed by ON3D Studios and published by PQube Limited, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Steam.

Settled in a cyberpunk dystopia, you play Alpha, “a young man who awakes without any memory. Plunged into conflict and mystery by dark forces, Alpha must find his way across a sprawling megacity to secure his past, and doing so, his future.”

In order to infiltrate the totalitarian government organization called “The Syndicate”, you will have to manipulate time and battle through the syndicate armies. The wide variety of gadgets that you'll have at your disposal will turn to be very useful as you explore five unique, but hostile, districts.

Quantum Replica will be available with a special 10% launch discount on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.