• Lewis Gillingwater

Rainbow Six Siege gets apocalyptic this week

To kick off Siege's sixth year's first season, Ubisoft has announced a new limited-time event, bringing the end times to the multiplayer shooter for two weeks until 18th May. Apocalypse introduces a post-apocalyptic version of its post-industrial map Outback where players, now playing as two surviving clans struggling to survive after the societal collapse, must fight to survive.

As part of The Keepers and The Warband, players will fight through Outback in a new game mode, Canister, which sees defenders moving a capsule containing earth's last plant life as attackers try to find and defuse it (or just eliminate the opposing team entirely).

The event also comes with 35 new items and new personalised cosmetic items in the store available as bundles for 1680 R6 credits each, or as part of Apocalypse packs for 300 R6 credits or 12,500 Renown, because even after the end times, loot boxes persist.