• Ben Thompson

Ratatat Studios' Project: Skyscraper Teaser Revealed

Ratatat Studio has unveiled a teaser video for the next-generation shooter game Project: Skyscraper.

The brand new theatrical trailer for Skyscraper boasts incredible graphics suited for your Next-Gen consoles. Showing insanely cool looking character designs to incredibly detailed pigeons, the trailer doesn't even scratch the surface of what Ratatat Studios is promising to deliver with this new parkour adventure.

The gameplay will use an advanced parkour mechanic allowing the players to explore a city from the roof-tops in a brand new light that maximise the players freedom to traverse the vast landscapes. Players will also have access to other strategic aspects, including weapons, vehicles and geographical features.

If you've read this far I'm sure you're thinking "well, wheres the trailer?" and to that I say, "Chill, man. It's here!":

After seeing that, I'm sure you're more than excited for the games release in early 2022 and you can follow the games official Twitter account for development updates.