• Marion Choufa

Resident Evil 4 VR confirmed for Oculus Quest 2 exclusively

During the Resident Evil Showcase that happened yesterday, Capcom revealed more details about the upcoming Resident Evil Village. But it wasn’t the only thing that they shared with us...

Capcom took advantage of the event to announce the arrival of Resident Evil 4 VR exclusively on Oculus Quest 2. Not PC VR, not PSVR, not Oculus Quest 1... Oculus Quest 2 only.

It is not a remake of the famous Resident Evil 4 but an adaptation of the original game for virtual reality. Thus, the view will obviously move from third person first person.

For the moment, no more information is available about the game, but we can expect more details coming very soon with the Oculus Gaming Showcase coming the 21st of April.

What do you think about Resident Evil 4 being on VR? What about the Oculus quest 2 exclusivity? Would you buy Oculus Quest 2 to play the game? Let us know in the comments.