• Lewis Gillingwater

Resident Evil Village shows us more of its Vampire and Werewolf infested Europe in new showcase.

Today’s Resident Evil Showcase presentation gave us new details on the hotly anticipated follow-up to Capcom’s 2017 hit Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil Village, the eighth instalment in Capcom’s flagship series (get it, VIII-age, Village) will see the return of the “Mercenaries” game mode, a quicker more combat-focused mode included in past entries in the franchise. The returning mode, which sees players completing increasingly difficult objectives to a tight time limit, comes with new content and rewards designed to encourage replay-ability. Unlocked after the main game is complete, Mercenaries will leave it up to players to decide the best combination of skills, weapons, and abilities to quickly make it through Resident Evil Village’s punishing new playstyle.

The horror sequel’s campaign new trailer also showed off various new areas and enemies that players can expect to flee from when the game launches next month. New footage gave us a look at underground labs and hinted at a huge aquatic monster slumbering beneath the titular Village’s man-made lake. Fan-favourite character Chris Redfield made an appearance, but it is still not clear what his role in the story is as the action remains centred on protagonist Ethan Winters, continuing his string of bad luck from the last game as he searches for his missing daughter.

Capcom also confirmed that Resident Evil Village, set to release on May 7th, 2021, will have a multiplatform demo version offering players 60 minutes of exploration of the games village and castle areas. This playable section of the game will release on May 2 and be available for 24 hours.

Alongside this multiplatform demo, Capcom will also offer an additional chance for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players to try the game, with a 30-minute demo available for 8 hours on April 18th. Both of these demos will be able to be preloaded 2 days before they launch, so players can quickly get stuck into exploring Resident Evil Village’s creepy European locales and making far too much fanart of its worryingly tall vampires.

You can watch the latest trailer below courtesy of Gamespot.