• Lewis Gillingwater

Retro rhythm FPS BPM: Bullets Per Minute thumps onto console later this year

Released on PC last year, BPM: Bullets Per Minute is an unholy combination of DOOM and a rhythm game that just works. Developed by Awe Interactive and now being brought to consoles by Playtonic Friends, the new publishing arm of Yooka Laylee developer Playtonic, BPM's award-winning rhythmic gameplay will now be available to even more players when it launches on Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

The port of the game's shoot-to-the-beat action includes all additional content released since it first launched last September, including five new playable characters, three new weapons, two new difficulty settings and one brand new chapter. Players can experience the game's rock opera soundtrack as they blast their way through BPM's procedurally generated dungeons when it comes to consoles later this year.