• Marion Choufa

Review: Get Packed: Fully Loaded

Reviewed on: PS4

Developer: Moonshine Studios

Publishers: Coatsink

Available on: PC/GS/XB/PS

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is a co-op physics-based game that reminds us a lot of party games like Overcooked!, Tools Up! or Moving Out. Initially released on Google Stadia, the “Fully Loaded” edition is an expansion, delivering more campaigns on PC and Consoles. Is Moonshine Studio’s input in the world of co-op party games worth it? Let’s find out!

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is about a group of four friends working as movers. Your job is to help the citizens of a town by moving their valuables into a moving truck. The more items you put into the van, the more money you make. However, you’ll lose money each time you damage the goods or the house. Which is not that easy, especially when your characters have uncontrollable gangly arms.

The main campaign that is playable alone is divided into 20 levels (which is not a lot to be honest). Each level has a ranking of 3 stars, depending on the money you make. Hence why you should be cautious with what you carry.

Although this group of friends started as a moving company, they quickly switched to other ‘not so legal’ activities, such as robbing a bank or a museum… In addition to funny locations and unlockable characters, diverse obstacles will spice up your route to your red truck: roads filled with speeding cars that won’t hesitate to run over you; hordes of shoppers on Black Friday…

While the campaign solo is entertaining, the greatness of the game lies in it’s co-op part. You can definitely improve your shopping moving performances by cooperating with other players (up to three other players online or locally), however, most of the fun lies in competing against each other. Push your partner into traffic, lock him/her up in the truck… In the end you can always blame your flailing arms.

To conclude, Get Packed: Fully Loaded is an entertaining co-op game, maybe not as good and precise as other party games but still very enjoyable, especially when you play with friends. However, it took me a couple of solo levels to really get the hang of it, and found the main campaign a bit too short. Still, the title offers a good range of funny locations and challenges. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun/chaotic game to play with friends for a decent price.