• Ben Thompson

Review: Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Chengdu

Platforms: XB/PS/NS/PC/GS

Let me start off by saying I absolutely adore Immortals Fenyx Rising. It took me by complete surprise when I played it and it was up there as a personal GOTY contender for 2020. The first piece of downloadable content, A New God was a sizable chunk of content but was mainly all puzzle dungeons and not anything overly special. Which brings me onto Myths Of The Eastern Realm, the 2nd DLC pack of the 3 part planned season pass.

Immortals Fenyx Risings second DLC breaks off from the Greek mythology and a new adventure takes place in a realm of Chinese mythology and features a completely new hero, map and story. What hasn't changed much though is the mechanics which stay relatively the same.

New main protagonist Ku (who cannot be customised like Fenyx could) wields a sword, bow and axe (the axe being the only difference from Feynx who wields a hammer) and is capable of flight through wings that are earned very early on into the story. He also has Godly powers like Fenyx but only two instead of Fenyx's four which makes sense seeing as there are only two Gods in this DLC who are called Nuwa and Gong Gong respectively.

If you really enjoyed the base game you can't really go wrong with this DLC as it's not much different. Two slight significant differences I can point out though is for one the combat feels tweaked for the better, Ku is a bit more rapid with his attacks and his Godly powers can be made even stronger by the new combo system where the higher the combo you have, the more powerful your Godly attack will be. The other is that Ubisoft Chengdu have tried to expand the puzzle aspect by adding new elements such as a cube that can expand and contract in size by hitting it and rings that Ku can latch on to and launch himself across gaps. None of these however make for a challenging new take on the puzzles as they are the easiest puzzles so far in the Immortals universe.

As a main character Ku is ok but him and the rest of the cast kind of fall flat. The voice acting isn't that great and hardly any of the humour from the base game carried over which was a shame. I lost count how many times ''kicking ass'' was mentioned in an attempt at humour. Also at one point a certain character sounded like their VO had been recorded with a bucket over the actors head which kind of ruined the exchange in dialogue. The story is also pretty forgettable and over quite quickly.

There's not a ton of things to do in this DLC. The map is a condensed version of the base game and just re-skinned to an eastern setting. There's far less chests, myth challenges and ruins of heaven (which are Eastern Realms version of Vaults of Tartaros) to get through which could be considered a good thing even though I personally loved doing every last thing in the base game so wouldn't of minded more.

If you enjoyed the base game though there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy Myths of the Eastern Realm. It's a nice little chunk of content that took me around 8-9 hours to do absolutely everything on the map. A nice little bonus for completing the game also allows you to carry over any equipment you unlocked or Ku into the base game for Fenyx to use which is a nice touch.

Overall I enjoyed my time with Myths of the Eastern Realm, not as much as the base adventure but definitely worth the investment and a glimpse into where and what Ubisoft can do with the franchise going forward.