• Marion Choufa

Review: LOVE

Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Publisher: Thalamus Digital

Developer: Rocketship Park

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Have you ever dreamed of travelling back in time? Altering the past in order to change the present? Well it is possible with LOVE, a short but emotional puzzle-game developed by Canadian studio Rocketship Park. The game has been out on PC since October 2020 but now has a Nintendo Switch version that I had the chance to review.

LOVE is a puzzle-game about altering the life of the people living in your apartment building. Some inhabitants will encounter specific events in their life that will, in the long-run, have a major impact on their future. It is up to you to modify these events in order to improve the trajectory of their life.

What's particular about the game is that the building is divided into two vertical axes: the grey one represents the past while the coloured one the present. In addition, the building is very similar to a Rubik's Cube, thus you will have to rotate the floors in a certain way in order to trigger specific actions.

From the beginning you'll get a photo album filled with different pictures representing the past and the present of your neighbours. Your job will be to gather the missing pictures by unlocking past and present life events. For example, two men live on two different floors, they don't know each other even though they are approximately the same age and both grew up in the same building. If only you could go back in time and make these two boys meet? Maybe it would be the beginning of a new friendship…

This is how I would summarise LOVE, it is an emotional puzzle game about relationships, past and regrets. What I liked the most about the game definitely was its vibes. The colours and the indie folk music theme perfectly fit with the nostalgia the game is trying to emphasise.

Regarding the downsides, the game is quite short (can be completed in a couple of hours) but is not as easy as it seems. Moving floors until you find the good combinations won't get you very far since it's an observation game. You will also have to explore different scenes in order to find objects to interact with. However, the right connections are not that obvious, which led to some dead ends and frustrations for me. But puzzle games are not meant to be too easy, right?

As mentioned earlier, LOVE is already available on PC for $19.99 and the Switch version

is coming May 28th for the same price. Would I spend $19.99 for this game? Honestly, no. Mostly because the game is a bit too short for me and not as touching as it claims to be. However, you can pre-order the game for $9.99 which can be a good deal, especially if you like a chilled puzzle-game.