• Ben Thompson

Review: Say No! More

Reviewed on: PC

Publisher: Thunderful

Developer: Studio Fizbin

Platforms: PC/NS

Say No! More, the latest output by German developer Studio Fizbin is the worlds first NPG (No!-Playing Game) and a weird and wacky one at that. It focuses on the issues of social etiquette, dealing with friendships and the workplace environment whilst all presented in a colourful, cartoonish kind of way. Is it any to play though? Well yes and NO! (see what I did there?).

Starting off by creating your character in a fairly more fleshed out creator menu than I expected, you start off your journey in this ''linguistic arcade comedy'' as an intern at a big company after being sent on your way with your packed lunch made by your best friend, who is in desperate need of rent money. From here the game basically shows your character who is shy and afraid to speak up for himself to the superiors, all whilst his fellow interns play suck up in hopes of pleasing their new bosses. In light of being afraid to speak up your superior proceeds to take your lunch as you're too afraid to say no. Your character then has a cassette tape drop into his possession where a hyped up motivational speaker preaches and teaches you the power of saying no!

Say No! More is an good looking game for what it is. The graphics are akin to a blocky 90's PS1 game but are quite colourful and cartoony, whilst sometimes feeling like an anime in terms of certain visual effects used. The environments are not the most original or striking but in each chapter that's played out they at least change up the setting so it doesn't feel too samey.

The gameplay is extremely basic. You go through the game trying to get your lunch back by shouting no! at everyone who tries to bother you. The game features 17 different languages to say no! in and you will learn to say no! in four different tones as well being able to taunt your victims before unleashing your fury upon them. You can also charge your no! meter up but for what reason, I don't know as it didn't seem to matter if I did or not, or maybe I missed something. The game is simple as pressing the space bar and occasionally using the number and arrow keys to change between your tones and taunts and that's it. Everything else is on rails or played out in cut scenes and the gameplay really does get boring fast and you'd hope that it has a saving grace elsewhere it does, but only slightly.

Say No! More is essentially all about it's story. It's main focus is trying to teach the importance of gaining confidence and sticking up for yourself. Bringing across several characters that are quite impressively voiced by the cast, it attempts to make the player see that saying no! to someone is not a bad thing, that you don't have to suck up to your work colleagues or friends by saying yes all the time. It's target is clearly trying to get to the people who feel some guilt if they turn down a request asked of them or being pressured by a lazy friend and guilt tripped into doing something they don't really want to, but feel like they have to. It's about getting that confidence to say no! and to not feel bad about doing so because the burden and pressure that comes with saying yes all the time can be too much and I think it's a great message to put across.

It took me just over two hours to complete Say No! More and I'd say any longer and it would have well over stayed it's welcome. The gameplay did get incredibly boring but I stuck it out as I wanted to see where the story went and I'm glad I did as it was quite well done. Say No! More is definitely a marmite sort of game but there are worse things you could do with your time but, it's message is a wholesome one and for that it deserves a little praise.


(Images courtesy of Studio Fizbin)

(Review based on build provided by developer)