• Lewis Gillingwater

Rube Goldberg machine maker Gadgeteer launches May 25th on PSVR

Gather your dominoes and unwind the string because Gadgeteer, a sandbox Rube Goldberg building puzzler, is set to release on PSVR on May 25th.

Canadian developer Metanaut is bringing its physics-based VR puzzler, released on PC in 2020, to the Playstation. Using machines, gadgets and household objects to build chain reactions, Gadgeteer tasks players with using a vast toolbox of physics objects to create overcomplicated machines and solve simple tasks.

Offering 60 puzzles at launch, and unlimited community-made puzzles created in its in-depth level editor, Gadgeteer brings a wealth of content to the Playstation VR this May. New to the PlayStation version is the option for players to play with a controller alongside the systems Move controllers, providing more options to explore the game's complex puzzles.

Whether guiding a marble along a track, crafting a catapult or simply showing off the most complicated machine you can make, Gadgeteer will offer players infinite replayability when it launches this month.