• Lewis Gillingwater

Rugby 22 lined up for a January release

Sure we hear big news about FIFA and NBA2K every year, but spare a thought for the under-adapted sports with very few games to their name. Following up on their intermittently released Rugby series (previous entries came in 2017 and 2020), publisher Nacon and developer Eko Software have scheduled Rugby 22 to release in January of, unsurprisingly, 2022.

Releasing for PlayStation, Xbox and PC next year, the french developer promises improved simulation, more realistic AI, more adaptive difficulty and more lifelike star-player faces. Rugby 22 will also leave no fan disappointed, promising official teams and competitions, as well as major national teams from Italy, France, Ireland, Japan and others.

Sure it doesn't have EA's clout or 2K's predatory approach to in-game purchases, but what Eko Software's game clearly does have is heart and passion for the sport. And if sports movies have taught me anything, that's all it'll need to come out on top when it launches next January.