• Marion Choufa

Rumour: Ghost of Tsushima's DLC / Standalone is under development

According to the insider Shepshal_Nick, Sony is planning on announcing (quite soon) some new content linked to the Ghost of Tsushima franchise.

Ghost of Ikishima is expected to be at the same level as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy or Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales. Furthermore, Sony seems to plan the launch of the DLC before the end of 2021!

Regarding the name of the DLC, 'Ikishima' is one of the archipelagos that you can find in the strait of Tsushima. Ikishima also suffered from the Mongolian invasion back in the 13th century.

However, we don't have more information regarding the platforms. Will it be available on PS4 and PS5? Will the rumours of Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC apply also to the DLC? Maybe we will get more details during the rumoured PlayStation Experience event that is supposed to take place on July 8th.