• Marion Choufa

Rumours: PSVR 2 planned for 2022?

It's been several months since Sony announced that they're working on the PSVR 2 (that is supposed to be played with the PS5). Even though no exact release date has been announced yet, recent rumours give us an idea of the approximate launch date of the successor of the PSVR.

According to an article from Bloomberg, Sony is planning to launch the system “in the holiday period next year”. Moreover, the next-gen version will once again use the technology from Samsung.

Indeed, the new VR set will apparently have an OLED screen (like its predecessor). Which is pretty uncommon since most manufacturers opt for an LCD screen. OLED screens are known to display more accurate colours, at the expense of refresh rate, overall picture quality and price.

The fact that Sony would decide to release its next-gen VR set only in 2022 (even though they said that they'll release it "as soon as possible") makes sense. Even though the PS5 shortage situation improved during the last few weeks, many people can't still get their hands on a PS5... Thus, a launch this winter wouldn't be the best idea.

If the rumours are true then we should expect more announcements pretty soon!