• Ben Thompson

Say No! More is available for pre-order now

Thunderful Publishing & Studio Fizbin have announced that their NO!-Playing Game, Say No! More is available for pre-order now. It's due for release on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and iOS on April 9th.

A brand new experience from Studio Fizbin, Say No! More is the worlds first NPG (No! Playing Game). Taking on the role of an intern with your own custom character on a mission to change the world with the positive power of ''NO!'' in a world where it's inhabitants stick to the status quo of saying ''YES''. With your new power nothing will get in your path as you shout ''NO!'' at any ridiculous requests thrown your way.

The game is set to feature simple controls for an easy pick up and play experience to help you yell ''NO!'' at people, devastating the surrounding area and the cheeky person who had the audacity to ask such a request. You will work your way through a pre-determined path in an office environment with the ability to shout NO! in different languages and emotional tones. You can even charge up your NO! for an even greater effect for unwary colleagues.

Say No! more is released on April 9th on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and iOS. It's also available to pre-order and pre-install now so you're ready to scream NO! right away on launch day. As an added bonus if you pre-order you will receive a 10% discount on Nintendo Switch, a 17% discount on iOS devices and a 10% discount in it's first week on Steam.