• Alberto Mezzalira

Sega’s Two Point Campus leaked via Microsoft Store

Great news for all Sega's Two Point Hospital fans! The first details of Sega's Two Point Campus have been revealed thanks to a Microsoft Store listing. According to it, this management simulator will make players build “the university of their dreams".

“Get to know your students, explore their personalities and fulfil their wants and needs. Craft buildings, choose courses, hire the best staff and build an academic institution to stand the test of time.” The listing mentions.

For the first time in the series, Campus will allow players to manage their outdoor environment too; in fact, you can place down buildings, trees, pathways and decorations for your university. Moreover, players will have time to plan everything before the students move in as the academic year begins with a summer break.

“Rather than typical academic fare, students in Two Point County enjoy a range of wild and wonderful courses: from Knight School, to the salivatory Gastronomy, where your students will build mouth-watering concoctions like giant pizzas and enormous pies. Build libraries, hire the best staff (from eccentric professors to madcap researchers), kit your campus out with the best courses and watch the academic potential of your students get unlocked. But it’s not just work hard. Get to know your students, explore their individual personalities, wants and needs. Keep them happy with clubs, societies, gigs. Surround them with friends, help them develop relationships, furnish them with pastoral care and ensure they have the right amount of joie de vivre to develop into incredible individuals who will do the legacy of your university proud.” The description continues.

Two Point Studios, Created by Bullfrog and Lionhead alumni Gary Carr, Mark Webley and Ben Hymers, released its first game on PC in August 2018 and it was a spiritual successor to the classic Theme Hospital. The studio was acquired by Sega in 2019.

Are you a fan of Two Point Studio Games? Will you build your own University? We’d love to hear from you!