• Lewis Gillingwater

Sniper Elite sets its sights on Virtual Reality

Historical sniping shooter and Hiter testicle demolishing simulator Sniper Elite will be making its way to VR platforms this July.

Rebellion has shown off a brand new instalment in their long-running WW2 sniping franchise coming exclusively to PlayStation VR and Oculus platforms on July 8 2021. Taking on the role of an Italian partisan, you'll play through their memories of fighting fascist forces, protecting your countrymen and driving back invaders. Sniper Elite VR promises 18 missions which, if previous entries in the series are anything to go by, will be pretty large chunks of 1940s Europe to stalk around and pick off targets within. The game also boasts a variety of movement options, to minimise motion sickness and make sure you don't feel nauseous as you watch a bullet splinter a Nazi's brain stem.

Combining historical third-person shooting and stealth, a points system that rewards accuracy and efficiency, and accurately simulated sniping that's both difficult to master and incredibly rewarding when it goes well, Sniper Elite has been going since 2005. With the game's Zombie Army spin-offs and now this VR entry, Rebellion shows no signs of stopping giving us new ways and locations to kill Nazis.