• Marion Choufa

Song of Horror will have a Deluxe Boxed Edition for PS4 this summer

Updated: Apr 28

A few days ago, Protocol Games and Raiser Games announced the launch on PS4 and Xbox on May 28th of Song of Horror, a year after its initial release on PC.

However, the game will also have a Deluxe Boxed Edition for PS4 that will be available all across Europe this summer. Included in the physical edition, the adopters will get a special artwork sleeve, a map where players can note clues they find during the game and a character guide, explaining their abilities and relationship to the story. A special trailer presenting this Deluxe Boxed Edition has been published for this occasion. For more information, please visit Meridiem Games’ website.

For those who don’t know about Song of Horror, it’s a Lovecraftian survival-horror game, where you’ll control 13 different characters throughout the story in order to solve the mysterious disappearance of the writer Sebastian P. Husher and his family. What’s particular about the game is that you’ll be constantly followed by The Presence, a menacing entity (AI controlled) that adapts to your actions to give you random terrifying events.