• Marion Choufa

Sony patented a betting system for eSports on PS4 and PS5

Sony interest for eSports is growing drastically, at least this is what a new patent suggests.

Even though this patent was taken out in 2019, it's only come to light in May this year that it has been published. What is this patent about? Well a new eSports betting platform on the PS4 & PS5. How does it work? Apparently, players would be able to bet money, bitcoin or virtual items on actions thanks to machine learning system that is constantly calculating new odds for said actions (even when the match is taking place).

Apart from the simple “I bet Player A will win/lose”, you could also bet on events such as “I bet Player A will get hit by Player B”. To do so, the system will have to gather information about the players and/or the teams in order to document their popularity and probability to win.

eSports betting seems to be a controversial next step for the video game industry if it were to go ahead. Still, what do you think about it? Would you bet during eSports competitions? Let us know in the comments!