• Lewis Gillingwater

Sony re-registers trademark for PlayStation Home

With E3 and announcement season just months away, online games industry sleuths are, as ever, on the lookout for any indication of what the big publishers are planning. According to a recent Resetera forum thread, it seems Sony may have plans to revive its attempt to copy the success of Second Life with PlayStation Home.

Released in 2008 as a free PS3 virtual social space where users could network with others, watch entertainment, play minigames and (most importantly for Sony) purchase and consume sponsored content, Home was an experiment thought forgotten since it closed in 2015.

Now though, with a renewed trademark, there is the possibility of Sony bringing back the service. In a market with services already saturated with nominally free games offering endless paid cosmetics and content, it's possible Home may have more luck this generation. That said, it is impossible to know what form Sony intends to bring the brand back in. With PSVR's second iteration on the way, it's possible Home could function as a dashboard for players' VR space rather than a linked social hub as it previously was.

Either way, we hope that PlayStation Home will be more successful when it next appears, in whatever form Sony thinks players want most.