• Ben Thompson

Splitgate release delayed again as Open Beta surpasses 10 million downloads

The highly popular free to play portal FPS Splitgate will remain in open beta indefinitely.

The game has seen over 10 millions downloads within its first month of open beta and has completely smashed the expectations of studio 1047 games. It has seen them struggle to increase the original server capacity of 4000 to over 175,000 concurrent players those past few weeks. This new delay is to keep working on keeping the capacity stable and allow more players in whilst also daily updates to the games framework are released and new features are produced in the open beta, one of which being the new Ranked Duos mode.

Splitgate was originally meant for release back in July before being pushed to August, however with this new delay there is no word on when the full release should be expected. 1047 Games is however planning an announcement for Gamescom 2021 so expect to hear more about Splitgate next week when that conference starts in Germany.